Monday, September 16, 2013

Lucky charms, Lucky me!!!! (Written on Saturday, 8/24)

So yesterday, I woke up craving lucky charms. Not a prego "I have to have this NOW craving", but "that sounds like a good breakfast". Have I mentioned that I HAVE to eat breakfast these days? Super weird because normally I don't get hungry til 2-3 pm. Yes I know, it's the most important meal of the day, but I've gone 20 something years (why dont we go woth 24 😉) without it and I am very healthy and survived.

Anyway, since about week 8-9, it's the only meal that I could handle when I was throwing up 283473847 times a day. I mean, I still threw it up half the time, but at least I could stomach the thought of it. Week 7-8, all I could handle was popsicles. Wow I am glad that's over. By the way, I am getting a bit better - only getting sick every 2nd or 3rd day, and nausea is not nonstop. I am only taking one or two zofran a day :-)

Well, I keep cheerios and special k red berries for breakfast, but yesterday I woke up and wanted Lucky Charms. I texted Jaren:

She didn't really respond to the Lucky Charms post but I didn't think anything of it. Most of my friends and I have about 8 thoughts going on during one text message or conversation. I think it's just the way girls work. I love the meme/ecard that says:

It's not only accurate, but hilarious. And as the meme suggests, I digress. But back to the meme again, before moving on. I think I should have a post of funnies I've found on pinterest. Okay, done, promise.

What was I talking about?

Ummmm.....Oh Lucky Charms. Okay, so I went on with my day, and we went to my friend Hila (and my mom's friend/coworker's) house for Shabbat dinner. I brought Challah, it was gone in a second. Ugh, it's so good (I promise I'll post that recipe). Jaren was texting me and asking where I was and what I was doing. Then later she asked if I was home yet. I honestly didn't think anything of it. Thought she was just being nosy! Lol. Should give you some insight into our conversations/relationship.

Well, when I got home I saw this in the driveway:

I got out of the car and saw this:


SWEETEST THING EVER! Best deployment husband I could have asked for. Yes I made up that term. But honestly, this hormonal prego couldn't handle the sweetest gesture. I have the most amazing friend in you, Jaren!!!!


The next morning: Heaven!
Mmmmm, I want some now.

Love you Jaren, thanks again!

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  1. This is so weird! I seriously bought Lucky Charms and Cinnamon Toast Crunch at the same time one day because I wanted both. So weird how you have them both in this post! Haha! I am catching myself up on your posts :) and I think it was around the same time you posted this when I wanted them lol