Friday, September 13, 2013

13 weeks (written 8/30) and 14 weeks (written 9/6) catchup

13 weeks:

I am measuring a bit ahead and was actually 13 weeks on Wednesday, but I'm going to keep the weekly updates on Fridays unless my doctor officially changes my due date. He did tell me he'd induce me on Wednesday the 5th though, right at 40 weeks :-) (If I want, not forcing anything)

How far along: 13 weeks
How big is baby: about 3 inches
Weight gained: I have officially gained back the weight I lost when I was sick, so back to 0
Maternity clothes: The pants are too big on me and slide down, but they are so much more comfy than my regular jeans!
Stretch marks: Nope
Miss anything?: Pregnancy related - my brain! I have had the worst case of pregnancy brain. Non pregnancy related, missing my Charlie 
Movement: nope, first time moms don't usually feel anything until 18 ish weeks
Cravings: still starches and fruit. Cereal every morning. Lucky charms last week!
Aversions: Nothing in particular, but if something smells too strong - ugh!
Other symptoms: Symptoms are very gradually waning. Zofran is finally helping control the nausea, and I am getting sick much less often (maybe every other day or third day). I did throw up at my synagogue during Hebrew School assessment tests. Fun times. I am gradually gaining a tiny bit of energy back. I even went for a walk today. Maybe next week I'll try a mild gym workout.
Most looking forward to: One more week til my gender ultrasound :-) Also, going to Disneyland tomorrow!

I had my NT scan on Monday and got to see the baby moving around like crazy. At one point baby was laying on their tummy. I joked with the tech and asked if he could suffocate. I think she thought I was serious. The nuchal measurement was perfect, and I was excited that it took her forever to get a good image of it due to baby not cooperating, because it meant I got to see him for quite a while! Moving his arms and waving and lifting his head up and down, and then the flips. Obviously I can't feel anything yet.
Here's a wave: 

Here's the profile shot you always see:

And the upside down active little one:

I am comparing my belly and I don't think it's really grown, although it getting a little uncomfortable to "hold it in". It's not hard or anything yet. I hope I don't just look fat until I'm like 20 weeks and have really popped.

Weeks 11-13 from left to right. I sent the picture to Charlie and he won some major husband awards:

Hehe, sweet husband :-)

I've been looking at boy clothes online. If I don't get to play dress up with a girl, I am definitely doing it with a  boy. My rules: No ruffles, lace, or bonnets. At first I said no gowns, but I realize for the first month or two, they are SO much more convenient, so I may get some really plain ones just for while we're home. I'm much more of a fan of the bubble/jon jon/shortall look. I don't really like those onesies that say things like "daddy's little guy" or "cool dude". But I also don't want to dress him like a doll or a sailor. Well maybe kind of like a sailor. Look how cute these are!!!!

I found an upscale consignment site that I think I will have a separate post about, but am too excited not to share. It's called moxie jean and they have some really cute things for cheap. They check all their clothes for quality and only take new (with tags) or like new clothes. No stains or anything like that. I got a referral code and for every person that signs up, you get $10 off your order of $20 or more, and I get the same off. Check it out at

I'm off to Disneyland tomorrow so I need to get packing. Can't wait for Mickie and Minnie!!!!!

14 weeks:
How far along: 14 weeks

How big is baby: according to the ultrasound today, 8-9 cm, so right on track!
Weight gained: It's been fluctuating the last couple of days from gaining 3-5 pounds. Kinda happened suddenly! Or maybe I went to Disneyland last weekend and then had rosh hashanah dinner...
Okay but seriously, look at this...I may have been having some other tummy issues that contributed to this besides lunch. And I was sucking out. BUT STILL:

Not that bad? Check this one out:

And then the next morning! I only have a side by side, because it's so ridiculous:

Like my expression? hahaa. Oh selfies.
Maternity clothes: Don't have to wear them yet, but I have one pair of jeans that are more comfortable. All the other maternity jeans are too big still. I also have a lot of non maternity shirts that totally work as maternity shirts and I've been rocking them. After I eat, on certain days, my stomach looks HUGE, like, 6 months pregnant huge. (reference pictures above).
Stretch marks: No
Miss anything?: Last weekend I would have loved a couple beers at Disney California Adventures. 
Movement: Crazy movement in the ultrasound, not feeling it yet.
Cravings: Thai food! I could eat it every day. At Disney I drank like 8 camelbacks of water a day. Also, I am still loving fresh fruit. Had a Disney pickle, they're SO good. That's a regular craving for me though, I love all pickled food and those Disney pickles rock. I've been feeling so much better except for the last two days I've had a couple of hours of pretty bad nausea, but it passes.
Aversions: Honestly, Nothing really this week! Unless I forgot. Hope I'm not cursing myself.
Other symptoms: Headaches - I finally took tylenol and it helped (who would have thought). Also, crazy dreams!!! I had a dream all my teeth were falling out gradually, and a few other crazies.  A sorority sister I NEVER talk to was in one, and I ran into her and her husband (who I've never met) and they had a newborn baby. I don't remember if I told her I was pregnant in the dream.
Most looking forward to: Starting to get a hard bump and not just be bloated. Also for the fatigue/nausea to completely wane :-) I mailed our announcements yesterday and am excited to post these entries after I write them! Haha.

Adding a category for this week.
Best Moment This Week: Finding out the gender!

Here is a normal pic of me - not sucking in our out and not directly after a meal:
I was about to go to the gender ultrasound. My parents, Jaren and Clara, Katy, Nancy, and Ayelet came, and Adva skyped in. Poor Charlie had to fly but in between flights he texted and we told him.

Baby says: see ya next post!

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