Thursday, June 21, 2012

And ode to Ima and Abba

Disclaimer: I wrote this on June 14th, but Charlie needed the computer before I could edit and post, so it's waited until now, whoopsies!

Cravings: to show off my beautiful "ima" and "abba" on their anniversary.

Mom and dad at one of the many gala events for a charity they support

Checking into a staycation

Relaxing in Israel, somewhere in the north

Sneaking a kiss in cooler Jerusalem

Dancing at one of the other galas

Looking amazing (NOT just for their age) in Hawaii when my dad had a conference there.

I am so blessed to have parents who make things work no matter what, who are still parents in every sense of the word to not only me and my sister, but Charlie as well. We all love you and Happy Anniversary!

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