Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Weekend Part 2 and guest blogger announcement

Cravings: pink pink pink!

On Sunday morning my mom and I woke up in the hotel (Marriott - we get lots of points with them and great military upgrades when I'm traveling with Charlie). We looked at different websites of videographers. I used to not want a video of the wedding until I saw a highlight reel that Sarah, Charlie's sister, was tagged in on facebook. I was hooked. It is more "cinematography" than "videography" and is something I actually would watch quite often, such as if I am having a sad day, or maybe if I miss Charlie, etc. It's short, you pick a song it goes to, it captures all the highlights from getting ready to getaway, you can include your vows or speeches if you want, etc. I think at this point I may have found a company to do it, but am still taking suggestions!

After we looked at reel after reel, it was time to head over to the shower. When Em first got married, I forgot her invitation at my apartment in Baltimore. I had no idea where to go! Luckily I remembered a few details and called a few hotels and found it. This time I forgot the invitation on my fridge, but luckily Em texted me right back with the address :-)

We walked in to see this:

Em's sisters in law, best friend, mother in law, and mom did everything by themselves. I couldn't believe the cake pops weren't professionally done! Her s.i.l. got styrofoam spheres, hot glued moss to them, put them in the buckets, and put the cake pops that she made into it. 
Something really creative that she did was dip marshmallows and white oreos - the oreos were my favorite.

I got to see Shaya, Em's 2.5 year old princess:

She showed me her rapunzel case and put stick on earrings on me. So glamorous!

I got to give baby Talya some kisses:

And taste yummy food, including a sampling of the cake pops!

One of my favorite parts was seeing the soon to be family of 4 (David came to pick up Shayna):
Unfortunately I didn't snap a picture of all of them together, whoopsie.

Here mom came and brought this:

She appraoched me and said "I was horrified to find out that Em took you to get your tattoo!" So funny. She read it on the blogpost I had written about Emily's pregnancy photos. To this day, none of us can get over the fact that Emily is the one who took me to get it when I was so young! So out of character!

I think my favorite picture of that day is actually this one:

Me and Emily both have such special relationships with our mommies. Boschnack/Rackow clan - start coming back to Vegas for Thanksgiving!

While we were at dinner for Emily's birthday, she spoke about a parenting tip that was so phenomenal, I got excited, without even being married yet let alone pregnant. I am very excited to announce that Emily will be making a guest appearance on the blog with tidbits of parenting! I can't wait for her advice to reach you all.

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