Friday, June 08, 2012

Took-took, Grammar/Spelling, and a military engagement

Cravings: secret family words, flawless spelling, and an amazing love story


Does anybody have any words or phrases that their family uses, that are special to their family? We even had a whistle - if we were in a public place and my dad wanted to find us he had a whistle we all recognized! This sounds so Von-Trap family but it was an easy way to find each other without yelling - this was before cell phone obviously.

My dad is Israeli and always says "fah-chu-chu". For the longest time I thought it was something like "balderdash" until I realized he was saying "facetious" but didn't feel like saying a complicated word.

Charlie and I, and my parents, use TiVo service instead of the dvr through the cable company. It makes a distinctive clicking sound when you fast forward, and so a few years ago my mom and I started saying "took-took" when we wanted the other to fast forward during commercial. Charlie now uses it as well, as does my good friend Katy.

*Question* What silly words do you and your loved ones use?

On to grammar/spelling.
It's not a joke that when I was meeting men before Charlie, I would not continue contact if they had an obvious spelling mistake, such as there/their/they're, or you/your/you're, etc. I know people use shorthand while texting, but UGH. When Charlie and I were texting he made a grammatical error, and my heart sank, but he immediately corrected himself! Few...  I mean.... phew.

To show you how serious I am, here is a text I got from a stranger telemarketing something or other:

I don't know why but this just makes me laugh and laugh.

My friend Jessi has been dating her boyfriend Joe for a few years.

We all knew Jessi and Joe were on the path to engagement and marriage, but we didn't know when or how. Well, Joe was in Afghanistan and was coming back on Memorial Day weekend. From Afghanistan, he arranged with his airline to have someone bring them the ring, and a flight attendant walked it onto the plane before he came out. He proposed to Jessi in the airport in front of everyone! Tell me you wouldnt' cry and cheer if you were there!

I had lunch with Jessi the other day to hear all the juicy details on Tuesday. She suggested a place by her office called The Coffee Pub, which I LOVED - it is totally hidden and it has an ambiance not typical of Vegas. I am excited to go back.

Here is Jessi with her new bling:

She intricately designed her diamond, and it still exceeded her expectations!

I can't wait to wedding-plan with you!

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  1. Yay! Great to see you and have a safe trip to Alabama! See you when you get back! xoxo