Thursday, June 07, 2012

Cake cake cake!

Craving: Cake apparently...and comfy sweat pants on Wednesday night

This was my Wednesday:
-Walk the dogs
-Make a cake for my mom's birthday. Not any cake - an Israeli pastry. Eat a slice. Mmmmm. Recipe will be posted later.
-Meet my friend Nikki who was killing time right by my house until her next commitment. Go to Manon bakery with her
-Taste Cake. Have a latte. Taste more cake. 
-Nikki leaves Manon and Maya arrives. Talk to manager about wedding cake possibilities - not their specialty, but they have the best cake. Not the best cake I have had, just the best cake. Period.
-Go home, 2 miles in run/walk intervals with Haley
-Have a cake tasting with "It's a Piece of Cake" bakery. MAJOR tasting.

Thank you Mom, Katy, Rose, and Haley for your help! 

Ughhhhhhh, my tummy hurts.

Take a look:






Best cake pops! I HIGHLY recommend you contact Cindy if you are looking for some - they are not too rich, not too "doughy" - just right!

I am conflicted about what to do, but at least I know that whatever I decide it's going to be good!

My mom went to dinner w/my dad tonight and I dressed her and put on a touch of make up - look how pretty!
Ugh, skinny bitch!

Katy stayed a bit after the cake tasting since I am leaving in a couple of days - and of course we watched Jeapardy. This is Maya being her typical cloying self while Katy tries to ignore her:
She literally sat there taring at her like this with her tail wagging for several minutes. Awwww Mayala.

I can't wait to show you the post about the Israeli pastry I made for my mom's birthday. Coming this evening.


  1. omgggg I can't wait to cake taste!

    1. I KNOW!!!

      You must try Manon bakery. I have tons of leftover cake - stop on by after work!

  2. You're totally right, that cake was AMAZING!!