Monday, June 04, 2012

Randoms on Monday

Craving: randomness. And a videographer.

1. I miss Charlie. He left on Friday. I am so pathetic.
I sent him that picture when I realized I missed him. I told you, pathetic.

2. I had a diet sprite with strawberry from sonic and it made me very happy!
My teeth are probably red.

3. Went to Springs Preserve with Alison and had lunch there.
Pictures to come.

4. Decided I prefer unsweetened vanilla almond milk a million times over unsweetened coconut milk. yummmmmm

5. WAAAAAH I can't find a videographer that does highlight reels that is available on our wedding date. Help!

Girls are coming over to watch the Bachelorette. Going to the store to grab some yummies for us. See you later for a post about Em's bday dinner and baby shower!

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