Monday, June 04, 2012

Paul Calhoun: Future test pilot? No, future dog stylist.

When Charlie had his bachelor party one of his friends stopped over on his drive from Charleston, SC to his new base in CA where he will be a test pilot. Test pilots often become NASA astronauts and as far as jobs go, it's about as badass as you get.

Paul and I decided Odge needed a new hairstyle.

Awwwww, look at my cute little gender confused bubba!

Odge has tried the no ponytail thing before and ended up looking like this:

Not too bad but not my favorite.

Paul accepted the challenge.
His tools:
(that's water in the dish)

The process:



And the result:

Odge has a mohawk!

From the side:

It lasted about 5 minutes. Poor Odge.

Ladies, he's single, and I don't mean Odge.  Test pilot and dog stylist? Don't miss out!

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