Tuesday, June 05, 2012

LA weekend part 1 and my attachment to my mommy!

Over the weekend, my mom and I drove to visit my dear friend Emily for her baby shower (and a birthday celebration for her the evening before). I have written about Emily here.

My mom and I rented a Hyundai Sonata for the drive. My dad is a firm believer that if you're driving a long distance, you rent a car. This way, you don't put the miles on the car, the wear and tear on parts, extra oil changes etc, AND since driving long distances increases your risk of accident, you don't risk your car needing body work. About 1.5 years ago, my mom and I were driving to a conference in LA and someone with a bb gun shot our driver side back seat window. Besides being terrified, we just dropped the car off at the airport and got a new one! Anyway, the car was comfy for my mom but I couldn't find the perfect driving position and kept having to crack my back. What a great idea though - rent a car for a couple of days before you commit to buying it!

We arrived on Saturday evening and met Emily and her husband David, and a dozen of their close friends at Casa Escobar in Ventura County.

Here is my mom, Emily, and me:

I had a very good chicken mole and my mom had chicken fajitas. She can't handle spicy food so Mexican is not a good option for her usually.

For Emily's birthday gift I did something that my sister did for me several years ago. Instead of buying her something I'm not sure she wants, I made a donation to a charitable foundation important to her. I have been doing this with most of my friends for their birthdays, and I think it means so much more than buying them a drink at a bar - fun, but who remembers that?

There was a very delicious strawberry shortcake for dessert:

Here is the cake being presented to Emily - her hubby David is to the right, and baby Talya is in her belly. Baby Toddler Shayna was at home with grandma.


I love this picture because you see the cell phone taking a picture in the picture:

Here is a cute picture of me and my mommy:

Speaking of my mommy...

We are close.

Very close.

We used to work in the same department at school, while I lived with her, and we didn't get sick of each other.

We have a special VT/Ima voice that we use. I am VT - my first name is Ravit, so nickname is Vity - aka VT. Ima is mom in Hebrew. The voice is really for nobody else but each other, and lucky Charlie. We have to hide it from my sister! Haha.

I am extremely proud of my relationship with my mom. Not only is she the woman I admire most, she has taught me so much of what I know, without even trying, just by modeling. If I am a good teacher it's only because of her. If I am organized and creative it's because of her. If I am a good cook it's because of her. I can't wait until I am a mom, not just because I've always wanted to be one, but also because I will get to be reminded of all the creative and wonderful things she did with us, that I can't wait to replicate with my children.  You should see the games we played and the cakes she made us.

I am so fortunate to live so close to her! I am also at an age where I think it's socially acceptable to have her involved with my friends. Katy (one of my best friends) and I love spending time together with her, and I almost always invite her to things, such as the girls watching the Bachelorette last night. With her living so close, why would I not take advantage and see her every day?

We are extremely lucky that Charlie and my parents love each other. While we have "ima/VT" time, Charlie has Charlie/Danny time. They probably watch 60 minutes and break things on the computer so they can be fixed, but it works out perfectly.

On Saturday I am going to Alabama and will be there for 6 weeks.

I was gone for college and work for 6 years. Did my mom and I speak every day? Multiple times! Did we see each other several times a year? Fortunately, we were able to. Did we survive without living a mile away from each other and sharing shoes? Absolutely. I will always miss her if we have to be separated, but for the next week, look forward to seeing her every day, and doing exactly the same when I get back.

Ima and VT at Taste of the Nation 2010

And boy, did I find the best groom in the world, who when we were in Hawaii last year on vacation, said out of nowhere "I wish Lauren and Danny were here with us".

I am one lucky lady with the best family ever, and I can't wait to spend time with my future family in one week in Alabama!

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