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Back to Monday: Springs Preserve, cheat hostess foods, and The Bachelorette

Craving: being green, pretty food, sappy romance

On Monday I headed out to Springs Preserve to meet my friend and fellow military spouse, Alison, for lunch. As we drove in the parking lot, I was reminded of the last time I was there which was with the Mountain family, and I had a pang of missing them!

The cafe used to be Wolfgang Puck and is now run by culinary students. It was really good, although I was expecting a restaurant and it was set up like a cafeteria - no big deal. I ordered a salmon wrap and Alison got a goat cheese panini. We sat outside even though it was hot as ****. I really don't know what four letter word to use for that, they all fit, and add some more heat!

We had a view of the strip which was nice, but I couldn't get a good pic on my iPhone due to lighting, so this looks super emo but it's the only edit that really showed Alison!

Hello pale Avigail! Maybe this is the lighting as well....or maybe I need a touch of sun.

After lunch we walked around a bit. We weren't in the right shoes or clothes for one of the hikes so we went into one of the museums and learned all about conservation.

They had an actual garbage truck that modeled how much garbage could be recycled instead of thrown out. The sides were filled up with cans.

A couple weeks ago, I was SO FRUSTRATED when Charlie forgot to take the recycling out. It is only picked up every other Friday. My friend Eden told me that they collect it twice a week at her home outside of Philadelphia. I was sure she was confused with garbage, but she assured me it was the recycling. Although I am frustrated that we missed the recycling, I am proud that we have much more in our recycling bins than we do in the trash!

They also had a "house" where you could explore and find random ways to reduce energy etc.

Fun Fact: Lower your energy bill by closing vents in the bathrooms and closets. Brilliant!

There was an interactive display about how energy travels to your home:

I counted that as my workout for the day. Okay not really, I did work out that day, but I haven't been going as regularly as I should be. Even though I'm not working, I am stressed lately and the day just seems to go!! Must. Schedule. Gym. And. Go! (Update, I wrote this on Tuesday, but I actually ran on Wednesday and worked out!!)

On the way home we stopped for a sonic soda, during happy hour. I had a diet sprite with strawberry. I highly recommend it.

That night several girlfriends came over to watch The Bachelorette.

As I mentioned, I am not working, but I am BUSY and stressed out. With leaving for Alabama on Saturday, I have been getting things together and getting organized for the trip. Lots of errands and phone calls, etc. I decided to make cheat foods with pretty presentations. I had the idea to do a "make your own salad" from Adina, and wanted to replicate it but in small dishes instead of all on a plate. I only had 6 of these and they were way too small. I will do a different presentation next time, but here you go:

I also made ravioli skewers with tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, and a pesto dipping sauce (not pictured):

I didn't photograph it but I had chicken meatballs in the freezer and I cooked them up with some vodka sauce. They were a hit.

Rachel was one of my best friends growing up here in Vegas, and she came and brought a bottle of wine she made in Napa!

Here are the girls with crazy picture eyes:

And you know how much I love my mommy so of course she came:

I am enjoying this season of The Bachelorette. I like that Emily is really following her instincts and asking them real questions. Ever since Charlie and I met and fell in love I have a new appreciation for the Bachelor, because Charlie and I fell in love in like, NO TIME. We were probably naming our babies after a month. I know that the Bachelor relationships don't typically work out, but I love Ashley and JP, and I think Emily could be looking for the real thing. I am obviously in love with Arie as is all of America, but I think that Sean is actually the best fit for Emily. I do like Chris and think that younger guys CAN be the real thing - my friend Emily's husband is almost 5 years younger than she is and he's an amazing husband and father.

After the show I called Charlie and told him that even though I had said I'd leave him for JP, that I would now leave JP for Arie. Sorry JP!!!

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