Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Back to January - a surprise dog party!

Well back in January sh** at work hit the fan and after a horrible week, Charlie called me and told me to come over to my parents house for dinner. It was January 5th. Back in Jan I almost quit, but things seemed to be better again. It was bad. I was PISSED. Well, my mom and Charlie obviously knew this, and set up a surprise party for me. The only problem is, that my birthday is in July. However, Odge and Lee's SEVENTH birthday was on January 5th, and Maya's 6th birthday is January 15th. I have friends like Katy and Eden that go all out for doggy birthdays. I don't, but I still know when they are etc.

Anyway, after work I walked into my parents house for dinner per Charlie's instructions to find this:

I mean come on! Is that not the cutest thing? It instantly made me realize what an amazing family I have. I know gushy stuff doesn't put food on the table, but family is SO MUCH MORE IMPORTANT than your job. I probably cried, I don't remember. It was so sweet. Yes silly, but at least the surprise was for me. If you have ever given your dog a surprise party, please tell me so that I can make fun of you. (katy, eden...? either one of you?)

Anyway, they had also set up the table w/china for dinner in honor of the celebration:

And had gotten them presents they enjoyed:

It was one of those flattened out fox tail type things. They killed the squeekers within an hour.

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