Monday, May 21, 2012

Rest of the weekend part 2: Smoothies, Winco, and Cooking!

Cravings: Healthy smoothies, homemade wreaths, bulk foods, and cooking!
Fact: Did you know that you can toss in spinach or kale to most smoothies and not even taste it? You can also add in herbs like parsley or mint that give it a great flavor. Adding a touch of citrus like lime, or even grating up some ginger into it gives it that touch of oomph it may be missing!

On Saturday morning Katy came over for a walk. I decided to make a spinach smoothie drink. I used two big handfulls of fresh spinach, one can of pineapple chunks with the juice, half of a yellow pepper, half of an avocado (I was out of bananas and wanted some creaminess), about 1/4 cup of unsweetened vanilla almond milk, and a dash of agave nectar, and a squeeze of fresh lime.
Yes I realize my shirt is brighter than my smoothie. But I love it!

Katy and I went for a walk in my neighborhood, and I decided to stop at the last house I pass almost every day, and ask how she made her wreaths. They are absolutely beautiful. Katy was mortified, but the Israeli in me decided to just knock and ask! So glad I did because she showed us her collection and how easy it was to make them. When I make them, I'll post the tutorial.

Later that day, I went with my mom to Winco. I highly recommend people check this out! A few things to note.
1. They do not accept credit cards, only debit cards.
2. It is HUGE. I mean Costco size massive.
3. The butchery and deli will really do anything for you. Find a block of cheese you like? Take it over there for slicing. Find the perfect meat you want but it's not cubed just right? Take it over and they'll do it. No extra charge.
4. They have the most incredible bulk selection. I was in Heaven.

They had rows and rows of this. Flours, nuts, seeds, rices, pastas, candies, etc!

I had two great finds.
1. Short grain brown rice. Why is this so great you ask? Well, risotto is made from short grain rice. I have been searching for short grain brown rice ever since I watched an Alton Brown Good Eat's episode that featured it. I didn't need it so desperately as to search online, so I never used it. Later I will feature my brown rice risotto recipe.
2. Whole wheat bread flour. I did not know this existed!! Bread flour is what makes the "oh my g-d" cookies so amazing! Whole wheat bread flour? Trying this as soon as there is room in our tummies.

I didn't need any spices but know where to go next time I do!

They even had some bulk goodies for your furry best friend:

Over the next two days I cooked the beet gnocchi I had previously prepared with some vodka sauce and shredded turkey (foster farms turkey breast in the slow cooker with one bottle of beer). I alo made

Brown rice risotto:

Chili (with the green chilis the Mountains left for us)

Avocado based pudding:

And a few other random things that I forgot to snap pictures of. I made mom a yummy grilled cheese combining fresh mozzarella from Costco and the sliced one I got at Winco. Also, I found a new cereal and we already finished the box - chocolate chex!

One of Charlie's best friends Mark came to visit because he has a convention here that he comes for each year (wow I cannot believe it's been a year since the last time he was here!). We enjoyed a dinner and I enjoyed a glass of red wine that I really enjoyed. I photographed it so I'd remember when I want to buy it again. Knowing me, this bottle will stay on the counter with one glass gone for about 2 weeks before I realize it's gone bad! I must remember to enjoy a glass of wine soon!

Last picture to share: on a walk on Sunday we ran into this lady. I got so excited since Eden's favorite dogs have always been shnauzers. I hope it was a sign that I'll see her again soon!

I finally worked out again after a short hiatus (2 mile run, in intervals, again not much but better than nothing), and am off to go see a chic flick with my fellow 18th RS spouse friend Alison. I love me some Jason Segel!

Bachelorette tonight! Prediction is still Arie!

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