Sunday, May 20, 2012

Doggy groomin and some ESS in my life!

Cravings: Groomed dogs, Eden Sydney Sherman, Taste of the Nation preparation!!!!!

It was about time for some raggedy rats to get groomed. I have been having an awful time sleeping (not sure if it's allergies or Charlie not being here at night). I've mentioned before, but it looks something like falling asleep at 1, waking up at around 5, and then a couple hours later going back to sleep for a "nap" for about 2 hours. Anyway, at around 930, 945 am I was waking up from my "nap" when Charlie bursts in saying "You're late to take the dogs to grooming!" I guess my parents called him? Anyway, I was all tired and groggy and rushed over and was there at 9:50 (they are a minute away), and the dogs weren't supposed to be in for 30 more minutes. Woopsy!

My dad picked them up from the groomer since I was running all over town like a chicken with my head cut off in preparation of Taste of the Nation. Shared custody of the dogs is nice.
My mom sent me the following pics:
Odge in his creepy hiding spot (he's such a neurotic dog).
Look at my bubba!
Maya is saying, Lee you smell good!

Lee stays white for about a day and then finds the dirtiest part of the road to go roll around in. It's nice while it lasts.

Since I stopped working I seem to have kept so busy, I don't know how I would have done it while I was working. I did make time for a ver special friend though, ESS! Eden Sydney Sherman is one of my very best friends. We met in college when we pledged the same sorority and although she transfered to UPenn after 2 years, we remained very good friends. Over the years we have visited each other in DC, NY, Philly, and Vegas. She and Charlie get along really well too which makes my heart happy.

Eden and her family have a time share in Palm Springs, and I was SUPPOSED to stay with them but I had to run a few errands around the neighboring states and missed it. Luckily, they had decided at my incessant urging to come to Vegas for a few days. Eden would be here for Taste and our mommy's could meet etc. They drove in and I picked her up on Wednesday afternoon. She came over and I showed her the house and we went to the country club (TPC Summerlin) where we are dining only members. I think it would cost like, an average household salary to be full members. Ridiculous. BUT, the food is really well priced and so absolutely delicious, and with it being a mile away from us, how could we not? If you live in the vicinity, I highly recommend you check it out!

Here are me and Eden reunited:

After some catching up we went to pick up my mom and the moment she got in the car, my mom said "Eden! You should move to Las Vegas!" Eden just cracked up because besides my mom's South African accent, it was basically me speaking. We dropped Eden off at the Mirage where her parents were staying, because they had tickets to see an impersonator show. Mom and I went to some last minute ticket buyers for Taste of the Nation. New post soon to go over the main event, and my lovely mother/daughter double date w/Eden and her mommy.

Maya says "See ya next time!" (and in a few posts, some excellent yummies with recipes!)

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