Monday, May 21, 2012

The rest of my weekend part 1: Day w/Eden

Cravings: Mexican Hot Chocolate, hazelnut gelato, spending time w/one of my very best friends, cooking up a storm, Winco

Fact: One of my very best friends, Katy, was under the impression that Avocados have 800 calories. Oh Katy. While avocados do have good fat and are relatively high in calories for a vegetable, they have about 275 calories for a medium avocado (just over 5 ounces). NOT 800. They are also the perfect base for a dairy free, creamy, rich, delicious chocolate pudding!

On Friday, my mom and Eden and I drove to the strip to pick up Eden's mom, Davida, and get breakfast/lunch at Max Brenner.
Of course I had a Mexican Hot Chocolate:

Eden and I shared two dishes that were yummy and we actually skipped dessert, even though Max is known for them.

We went to check out City Center where we walked around and checked out Jean Phillipe Patisserie - specifically the gelatos!
 I had hazelnut gelato and it had full chunks of hazelnuts in it. Highly recommended.

Davida and my mom may have commented several times that Eden and I were food soulmates. Eden said maybe it was a good thing we didn't live in the same city or we'd both be morbidly obese!

We documented what we looked like before becoming morbidly obese, just in case we ever move to the same city.
I still had my extensions in. We may or may not have removed the bottom layer and were making mustache faces with them in public....

We then took Eden and Davida to show them my parents' house in The Ridges. Eden visited about 3 years ago and saw the lot, so now she got to see the final product. There is a renter in there currently so we couldn't go inside, but we saw the breathtaking architecture and view.
View from the side of the house:

Bear's Best golf course (they are on the 9th hole, and their house number is 9)

View of the strip from the side of the house:

Their dream: A "house in two parts". It's extremely unassuming as you drive up to it, and then you walk inside and see all the copper and their breathtaking view with floor to ceiling glass windows. Wish we could have gone inside!

We had dinner at the Cosmopolitan and our dads joined. Charlie had work to do (is anybody surprised?) I am in love w/one hard worker!

Eden went to see a show w/her parents that night so she stayed with them.
Charlie and I are so sad to see her go, but hope we can meet up with her once more this summer before the wedding!
Don't go Eden!
(This is actually a picture of us when my parents texted me after Taste of the Nation that they took the dogs to their house, we sent it to them to show them how sad we were).

And don't worry, coming up real soon - recipes! Including the avocado pudding you have all been waiting for!

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