Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Things to always have when you board a plane

The following post will explain why, but I now know to always have the following items on my body when I board an airplane, even if it's supposedly for less than a day:

Pictures in no particular order:

Gilligan & OMalley® Womens Low Rise Hipsetr - Cocha Mocha                   
1. My glasses2. Extra contact lenses (I had just enough)3. Phone charger/car charger/headphones for driving (I happened to have with me)4. Underwear (target run!)5. Deodorant6. Toothbrush 7. Arizona Green Tea powder packets (better than crystal light, and I had with me, woot!)8. Computer, so you don't fall off the blogging bandwagon (maybe this explains my short hiatus over the weekend)9. A great attitude, which I really did have, even amongst cargo vans! 

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