Monday, May 14, 2012

"Mom can you drive me home from the doctor just in case?"

On Thursday I had a medical procedure. I wasn't sure what it would entail because it would just depend what the doctor found (I am fine but need a follow up in four months). Anyway, I took some advil before and knew I probably wouldn't need strong painkillers but better safe than sorry! Anyhoo, I asked my mom if she could come with just in case I needed a ride. If you've been reading, you know she's been having some issues with her shoulder. There was a funny story with a "reverse placebo effect" where she thought she had taken an anti-inflammatory and felt great pain relief and it turned out to be a strong painkiller (whoops!). Anyway, the doctor gave her an anti-inflammatory and she had taken it once and it hadn't really affected her. Well, wouldn't ya know, she fell asleep in the waiting room, and I had to drive from the doctor! Hahhahahaa. So funny! At least now she knows :-)

We went straight to a meeting with Pietra at ThreeSquare for the wedding. Getting so excited for everything! When the menu is finalized I will post it. We are getting married at a food bank and I wrote the menu - it is going to be lots of small plates instead of a sit down dinner, to encourage mingling and socialization.

On Friday I clicked a picure of my overnight oats when I put them in (well not overnight since I only let them sit for a few hours during the day.) Here is the pic. Unfortunately, I was again so excited to eat them that I forgot to take a picture of what they look like when they thicken up:

One day soon I will resist their deliciousness and snap a full process pic!

I went over with Shannon (one of my old youth group students) to Jarens. Shannon said she would babysit Clara to help Jaren out, and Jaren asked if we could say a prayer since Roger was still delayed in Manas for about the 5th time. Shannon and I both brought Shabbat candles and we showed Clara how to light the candles and drink the wine (sparkling grape juice).


Clara is saying, "mom, I'm not Jewish!"

Then we went to Nellis for Military Spouse Appreciation Day. It was kinda lame, but I am still glad we went. There were lots of raffles (including a kindle neither of us won), lots of information, some presentation, a very lame fashion show, and chair massages.
(Jaren took this of me on her camera, thank you flickr for allowing me to steal this).

Not such a great pic of me but shows you what there was:

On the car ride back Jaren and I were making fun of the fact that Jaren says my eyes "sparkle" when I know I am going ot take a picture. I just kept thinking Tyra Banks saying "smize smize" on America's Next Top Model. Smize is smile with your eyes. I guess I am just very happy, or when I was a cheerleader I learned to fake smile with your whole face? Well I guess my stance is, it's not worth smiling if you don't mean it!

That day a shutterfly book arrived that I made for my grandma from our Israel trip. It came out PERFETLY. That night my parents came over to say hi for a few minutes and here is my dad so genuinely happy to see the book for his mom. We didn't tell him we were making it.


Oh, hi mom!
Thanks again for the "ride" yesterday. Haha! Just kidding, love you Ima! (Ima is mom in hebrew)

Will report on my spontaneous weekend soon - hope it makes everyone smile with sparkly eyes!


  1. Thanks for going to that spouse thing with me, I definitely needed to laugh for 4 hours straight like we did that night. :)

    Also, I can NOT wait to hear about your trip.

  2. Hilarious post - love that Lauren fell asleep in the waiting room.

  3. I like the new look of the blog! :)