Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Finding treasures during spring cleaning

Look what I found:
Movie star/celebrity? or Future Hubby?

While doing all my organizing I found a scrapbook that Charlie's hs gf's mom made him. It was AMAZING. I would honestly hire to make me scrapbooks. There were all these pictures of Charlie playing football etc, and several articles he had written, clubs he was in, a few high school dances, etc. Did you know that not only was my love the salutatorian at his school, but the president of the FBLA - future business leaders of America? Is anybody surprised? I wasn't! How handsome does he look in that picture?

In other news, does anybody have any good tips for where to buy those camelback water bottles for less than $20? Lol. Also, any tips on keeping them clean? It's so hard to clean those straws and I don't like the thought of drinking bacteria.  I found cheaper ones at Target but they are not that good. Speaking of Target, look what I found. I immediately texted Katy this picture:
They had an entire collection and I so know what I am getting for her birthday! (One more month and then you are my age.....which is......24....never 25).

Speaking of Katy, I miss you! Why did you start working when I stopped?

Poor Jaren, Roger was delayed again, so I told her I was taking her to Max Brenner to distract her. I met her at Clara's feeding therapy which happened to be right across the street from my wedding dress shop, so we went to see it! I hadn't tried it on since I bought it. It fits amazingly and I LOVE IT! They started the alterations but since I'm basically having it re-done in so many ways, it's going to take a while. Obviously not gonna post pics on that. Poor Clary had a blue sucker and Jaren wouldn't let her walk with it so we had a very cranky Clara (which is better than a cranky Jaren having to dry clean, or worse, buy a wedding dress). After the dress, we went to Max Brenner and I had my favorite - the Mexican Hot Chocolate. Jaren and I shared a salad, and then this beauty:


And if I haven't posted enough (gosh can you imagine when it's my babies?) here are some adorable pictures and videos of Clara the last couple of days (and a few randoms). I told Jaren that Roger is gonna be like, "why is Avigail calling you every hour" when he's back, because I'm so used to spending time with them now. At least Clara hasn't called me Daddy yet. Just aunt Aggie.

Yes, that's a 2 year old laughing amusedly when "Aggie crying". Unbelievable what humans find funny :-) Can ya blame her?

Clara eating with chopsticks just like Mommy.

After eating, you always want to dance a little:

Clara and Aggie

Pre taking off her diaper by herself and repeating "diaper! trash! Diaper! Trash!" over and over utnil we let her throw it away. She did go potty twice though (and I tried to show her the bidet but ended up getting splashed whoops). Clara went to wake up Charlie last evening (he's working nights), it was very sweet. He also didn't mind a naked 2 year old saying "wake up charlie" which made me smile.

This is a book Katy and I found while cleaning out the bookshelves. I'm assuming this belonged to a past ladyfriend's of Charlie's. This book is so outdated. It speaks about introductions and "lesser people" so you introduce a female to a male (this is their first example!) and a lower rank to a higher rank etc etc. Sort of ridiculous. It's also funny that it's like "eye contact is important" "repeat someone's name in your head so you remember it". Anyway, Jaren made me pose for this as a joke and then uploaded it onto my fb account and wrote "I can't wait". The funniest thing? About 12 people have liked this and commented nice things about it. It's a joke friends! (But I am excited to be an air force wife because it means I"ll be charlie's wife!)

Another thing I"m excited about? On Monday I'm driving to Palm springs to see Eden! On Tusday I"ll see Emily and Shayna and FINALLY meet David, on Wednesday Eden drives back to Vegas with me as do her parents, and on Thursday we all go to TASTE OF THE NATION! I can't wait - let me know if you want tickets.

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