Saturday, May 05, 2012

Perfect Saturday

We woke up early compared to our schedule lately, at around 715 and went to hike at Red Rock. We met one of the spouses Nikki and her pit/lab mix. We did a bit over an hour hike. I HATE going downhill especially when it's climbing. Im such a baby. I also had a runny nose because of the weather and didn't bring tissues. I felt so high maintenance, but then Charlie did point out that I sounded like I have a cold (I don't, just wind/allergies etc). I was so proud of myself hiking w/no breaks. I know it's not nearly as intense as Masada but that was a wake up call to start stair climbing and it helped!

We went over to my parent's house to hang out for a bit and decided to go to brunch. My dad goes to sweet tomatoes every weekend and really wanted to go but I was starving from the hike and wanted breakfast as did Charlie so we convinced him. We told him we'd go tomorrow. We went to the griddle in the vons shopping center and it was eh. Not totally impressed w/the menu. I would have rather gone to babycakes!

We noticed a new boba shop so my mom and I went in and when we came out this is how we found our men:
Twins! So cute.

Mom and I went to my house while the boys did boy stuff (probably broke something on the computer) and we discussed some details for the summer (she'll be visiting etc etc) and spoke about some other mommy/daughter stuff and then made a menu for tonight. The Sals are moving so we invited them for dinner along with Adina and Rick and my parents' 80 year old Japanese neighbor whose husband passed at NINETY-EIGHT! Amazing. What amazing people that my parents think to invite her. My mom said she was so pleased and asked what she could bring, and my mom said anything she wants, she doesn't have to, so she's bringing sushi! Note: invite her to my house too, it's a mitzvah.

I baked my famous Ilana Shapiro cookies (well my cookies now since I only make that recipe!) and took a batch over to Sheila at the front gate. Mom is giving one to someone and I am bringing the others to Jaren's tonight - she and Jessi and I are making posters for Roger and Joe's return. Roger comes home on Wednesday and I think Joe has about 3 weeks (hopefully!). Here are some of the cookies:

If you haven't made these before, please reference this recipe. They are perfection. Big and chewy and just yum. The secret is a, you have to have bread flour, and b, you have to refrigerate them for at least an hour before you pop them in the oven!

Dad dropped Charlie off and took the dogs to their house (he missed them) and then sent me this picture of Odgie cuddling with "squirrel". Squirrel is actually a stuffed dog (that is totally disgusting) that Odge has had since I was in college or something like that. The picture was really unclear and dark so I didn't instagram it, I DOUBLE instagrammed it. That's right!

Okay Jessi is here and I'm being totally rude and finishing this. Plus I need to wake up Charlie and make my pizza from the pizza dough I made. Reports on that later, and the recipe I made up if it's a success.

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