Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Bunco and Babyshower

Cravings: Marshmallow fondant, bunco, a Sunday of girlfriends showering Jaren and babygirl!

Saturday started with going to Whole Foods with my mom and volunteering to sign up for FUPI - Foreclosed Upon Pets. I had been volunteering with the Humane Society a few times but the adoptions are over 30 minutes from my house. Both organizations foster out their dogs and seem great.

We then met Katy at Cafe Manon, the French Bakery that made my birthday cake last year. If you live in Vegas and have not gone there, drop what you're doing and go now. NOW!

On our way home we saw there was a bridal show at the Marriott so we went in. Most of the vendors were a bit too "catering to the masses" for my taste. I don't mean to sound snotty at all, I just have a very specific idea of what the wedding will look like. There were a few great ones, and I got a good videographer rec. Unfortunately, they are totally booked on our date, so if you know of a videographer that does good reels please let me know. I found a baker that uses marshmallow fondant instead of regular, so that it's edible and yummy. She also can do exactly what I am looking for in the cake, woo hoo! Now if only Manon bakery could make it....Have you gone there yet? GO already!

We ran into Mrs. Nevada and approached her because I kid you not her ring was about a 10 carat center stone with probably about 10 carats of embellishment around it, and of course Katy and I wanted to admire it. She was super nice and mentioned that Three Square was her platform when she was doing the pageant. She wants to feature our wedding in the press because of the fact that it's benefiting them etc. :-)

Saturday night I went to Jaren's to pick her up for a spouse social at Alison's house. I got to see Roger and Clara for about ten minutes, and then the best part - Clara started crying "AGGIE!!!!!!" when we were leaving. I must be heartless, because the fact that she had a fit while I was leaving was the biggest compliment you can get from a 2 year old!!! I was so happy. I told you - heartless.

Alison had the place all set up for bunco:

In the kitchen, she had a cute food display set up including a cake of 3 pink dice!! And guess what she used? Marshmallow fondant!! I took a picture but she asked me not to post it, so I will respect that. Lame, Alison! The cake looked amazing and it was so delicious. Go marshmallow fondant.

Turned out I wasn't that great at bunco. I kept rolling absolutely nothing. It was probably statistically impossible how poorly I did, but I proved them wrong! One of my friends Nikki (the girl we went hiking with) won two prizes and felt so bad for me for how "hard" I was trying that she gave me one of her prizes - a very cute wine stopper. Perfect, because one of mine just broke!

I met back up with Katy that night for a drink at the Three Angry Wives Pub. It was fun to go out, but I am so glad that party of my life is mostly over. I am a homebody and love it!

Sunday morning I made several batches of "O.M.G." cookies, 

and mom helped make a veggie tray. We cut out a cabbage and a pepper for dip, 
BabyShower 022
and headed over to my friend Becca's house for Jaren's babyshower.

BabyShower 002

Becca is a therapist, and should be a party planner on the side. She did such an amazing job. Everything was beautiful and nothing was overdone. It just looked perfect.
BabyShower 003

She made those pink poms and all the food labels and ordered the flowers from a wholesale florist, and made a very cute diaper cake (below).

BabyShower 030

We played a couple games, including this one:

BabyShower 039

which almost made Jaren cry! I tried to make mine a bit funny, and of course she guessed it was mine. What can I say? I'm hilarious!

BabyShower 048
This is my favorite - look how gorgeous she looks! This is the most pregnant Jaren has been (33 weeks), since Clara was born at 32 weeks. Jaren Jordanais Rabe - you better either have this baby in the next week or after July 19th. I want your uterus to hear me - no baby laboring while I'm in Alabama!


  1. I'm going to try my best to hold her in until you get back! :) Oh and today Clara said "Aggie cry" about 4 times so I think you're due for a good crying sesh soon. She loves her Aggie!

  2. Love the baby shower decorations! I'm about to check out that recipe for OMG cookies.. they sound awesome!

    1. Shannon, you will become addicted! Look out for a soon to come post about my friend Emily's baby shower and the homemade decorations including cake pop trees!