Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Wedding dress fitting fiascos are for real life too!

Cravings: Cooler weather!
Random fact of the day. Apparently in NV, you have to undergo more training etc to become foster parents than to adopt kids. I had lunch with great friends today who are becoming Daddy and Daddy to two wonderful kiddos in the next few weeks!

So. Back to topic. Ever seen that Sex and the City Episode where Carrie gets a major panic attack in the wedding dress she tries on with Miranda? Or the episode of Greys Anatomy where the exact thing basically happens? Or in Bridesmaids where the unspeakable happens?

Well this is what happened in Vegas today:

That's right, it's only May. Ugh.

Well, yesterday and today I wasn't feeling 100%, but not "sick" per se. Just sort of headachy, allergies type of things.

At my fitting today, I decided to keep my leggings on. I have a very small waist but my body more than makes up for it in booty/thighs. Last time I wore it, my thighs got a bit "glowy", so I decided to see if "biker shorts" on the wedding day would be a smart idea (stop eating cheerios at night and lose your thigh fat, Avigail!).

Well, we were in the main display room where everyone walks in and the front door is, and all of a sudden I felt extremely HOT, and very slightly dizzy. I asked my mom if I could have my water bottle and she said no, not to risk spilling (I had my favorite Arizona Iced Tea mix in there). I sort of pouted in the typical Avigail fashion and carried on with the alterations. Less than a minute later all the color drained from my face, and thank goodness my seamstress just called it, because I would have probably cracked my head fainting! I caught myself with her help and that feeling quickly passed - but I felt like I was going to throw up all over my dress!!!

Geez I am so difficult.

We pulled up all the layers and took my leggings off - somewhat of immediate relief. Poor mom, felt so bad not giving me my water! They ran to get me COLD water and we went to a private room in the back of the store, away from the front door bringing in 110 degree weather. My poor mom was freezing through the rest of the appointment, but I felt super! I guess super besides the humiliating experience of being a fainting bride. At least I have the 110 degree weather as my excuse, because I know marrying Charlie in that dress is the best decision I will ever make! (Better even than my Brazilian blowouts!)

We decided to shorten the heavy silk lining of my dress so at the bottom, only a lace layer shows. This way you can see my hot pink shoes, and I don't overheat. We also shortened it in the back, but it's still long and elegant with a great lace train.

Mom snapped several pictures which I obviously won't post, but I did edit one of me sitting down cooling off so you can see just the bottom (a sneak peak) and my shoes and the lace layer over the lining!

pink shoes

Well, what can I say? Beauty is pain; in the movies, it is humor; in my case, beauty is fainting and almost throwing up on your dress! Can't wait for October 20th, you ready bridesmaids?

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  1. I can't wait to see pictures of the whole dress. I love that your shoes are hot pink!